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  The Faulkner family has provided quality horse equipment and personal service since 1954.   If there is a piece of horse gear you need,  let us help you design it.  We will make it for you!   The possibilities are endless...

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Regular Price: $65.00
Authentic Sleigh Bells Throughout history and in many different parts of the world, sleigh bells have evolved from the original purpose of frightening off evil spirits lurking in the patch of the horse, to a purposeful decoration announcing to others along the trail of an approaching horse. Nowadays people use these bells as nostalgic and sentimental reminders of the past to decorate their home and to enjoy the pure, silvery sound created by the bells movement.
Regular Price: $10.00
Faulkner's Saddlery Gift Certificate
Regular Price: $68.95
This padded nose and crown halter is made for Arabian sized (Medium/Adult) and larger breed sized horses. The halter is 3/4" double stitched beta material with leather padding, solid brass hardware, and an adjustable chin and crown. 100% Guaranteed.
Regular Price: $45.00
Super grip beta material is used to make these durable reins. The small bumps or pimpled material makes for a sure grip. Perfect for the trail or endurance rider. English style reins are available with stainless steel or solid brass hardware



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